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Upgrade to Windows Server 2019

The server has been upgraded to Windows Server 2019 from 2012. We will be monitoring the stability of hard drives before restoring all services.

Thanks for your patience!

 07/25/21 - 09:03 PM
We're back!

Finally we're back online. The HDD controller has been replaced and everything appears to be in tact.

There may be additional disturbances over the next week, but I'll be monitoring it closely. Hopefully all goes well.

 10/06/20 - 04:27 PM
JF Down

By now you've all noticed - the Jellyfin server is offline. There were some major issues with library scanning preventing new items from appearing within a reasonable amount of time.

I am troubleshooting the issues and will hopefully have it resolved soon. The Emby Server is going to stay online since it is much more reliable for now. Thanks for understanding!

 08/26/20 - 03:19 AM
Back Online

The Jellyfin server is back online, and it's not running on the Server instead of my personal computer. I'm redirecting both URLs to the Jellyfin server, so even if you try accessing it from it will redirect you to the Jellyfin server.

The Emby server will stay offline unless something comes up in the Jellyfin build that makes it unusable.

 08/16/20 - 05:07 AM
Shutting Down Emby Server

Tonight I will be turning off Emby and transferring Jellyfin from my personal PC to the server. The Jellyfin server has been stable for the past week with only a few minor issues.

Jellyfin isn't running locally on the server while Emby is and this could be the cause of some of the issues. The only way to really determine that is to try running Jellyfin from the server just like Emby.

For now I won't be deleting any Emby-related data. I will keep everything in case we need to relaunch the Emby server for any reason.

Starting tomorrow you will no longer have access to the Emby server. There is a Help section if you need help finding a Jellyfin client for your device. For most people watching in a browser, you won't have to do anything.

This news page will continue to be the homepage for the next few days, but after that will point to the Jellyfin server and the News page will be available in the top navigation bar.

 08/15/20 - 02:06 PM

The Jellyfin server is back online, and all user data was re-synced to be as current as possible.

The plan is pretty much the same as before. Run Jellyfin for at least a week alongside Emby before removing Emby entirely.

There is a Help section on the Jellyfin server that I will be updating to include information about new features, device support and general troubleshooting.

The coolest new feature is the Watch Party! feature which you can learn about by visiting the Help page.

If there are any comments or issues, please join the Discord to let me know.

 08/09/20 - 02:12 AM
New Logo!

The old kflixx logo has finally been updated. You can check it out below:

In addition, the Jellyfin 10.6.2 update seems to have fixed the remaining memory leaks, and it appears to be stable. I'm in the process of transferring all the user data from Emby to Jellyfin and finalizing a few things.

If all goes well, we should be launching the Jellyfin test again before the end of the weekend.

 08/08/20 - 05:06 AM
Patreon Launch + Jellyfin Update

There was an update for Jellyfin yesterday which improves the memory leak issue, but doesn't completely resolve it. I have been testing Jellyfin over the last couple of days and the software seems to be less mature than I expected. With this in mind, we will likely be sticking with Emby for the near future. If a Jellyfin test server is launched, I will post an update here.

In other news, I launched a Patreon page today! If you have time to check it out and contribute it would be greatly appreciated. I put a lot of time and work into this project, so anything you can spare would be amazing.

 07/29/20 - 04:41 AM
Jellyfin Maintenance Update

The Jellyfin team has been working on a maintenance update that includes a fix for high memory usage. It's unclear if they've pinpointed the source of the leak or just reduced the amount that it leaks. The release is expected today so I will test it as soon as I can.

 07/26/20 - 03:44 PM
Jellyfin Memory Leak Update

The Jellyfin memory leak seems to be related to corrupted files. I am running scans on all of the libraries to remove the corrupted folders, and will attempt to rebuild the Jellyfin libraries from scratch once all of the corrupted files have been removed. I am hoping that the scans do not take longer than 1 day to complete, but I will keep you updated.

 07/24/20 - 05:39 AM
Transition to Jellyfin!

Note: There is a memory leak issue in the Jellyfin installation right now. It will remain offline until the issue is resolved.

This is going to be a pretty major change for, as we will be switching our media server software from Emby to Jellyfin. We are very excited about this change and for the future of Jellyfin. Hopefully the transition will go smoothly without any major issues, but it can be difficult with such a huge library and so many users with their own personal user data.

All user passwords have been reset. Please set your password after you login the first time by clicking the user icon in the top right and clicking Profile.

The goal will be to keep Emby and Jellyfin running side by side during a transition period of at least 7 days.

During this time you will be able to access the following services:

Why are we upgrading?

Well, Jellyfin is a FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) media server forked from the original Emby server. The project is built by volunteers, and the media server is completely free. This will mean lower monthly costs for the server, and improved features and support down the line.

Jellyfin has been around for a while, why switch now?

Jellyfin has just released a major update with version 10.6 coming out yesterday. This update brings a lot of new features and boasts to improve the Web UI performance considerably. The headline feature is the SyncPlay feature which will allow users to create a Group and invite their friends to watch a movie or series with them!

What does this mean for users who used Emby specific apps?

Well, none of those apps are going to be compatible with the new Jellyfin server. Instead, you will have to use the Jellyfin version of those apps, so search your app store for "Jellyfin" and it should pop up. To configure the app, use "" as the server address, and "8096" as the port. If the app only asks for a host name and there is no separate field for a port, simply enter "" as the host.

Most clients that were supported by Emby are also supported by Jellyfin, but beware that some of the apps may function better or worse than their Emby counterparts - my experience with these apps is very limited. If you can't find a Jellyfin app for your device, you will have to wait for them to develop a solution that supports it.

In addition, many of the existing clients need to be updated for the new 10.6 server. This means that some of the apps that are available are currently broken. Please be patient, the developers will get these back online ASAP.

Will my user data carry over to Jellyfin?

This was the most important thing to complete this transition. All of the watched data for every user has been synced to the new server, including the Date and Time of played items. This should result in the same Next Up lists and a fairly seamless transition in terms of user experience.

For now we cannot migrate any Playlists or Favorites/Watchlist data. I don't know if there will ever be a solution to migrate that data, but if it's important to you it can be done manually while the old Emby server is still running.

Will my user data be synced when watching items on the New/Old Server?

No. We have already synced the existing data to the new server, but from now on, watching items on the new server won't be synced to the old server. Likewise if you watch stuff on the old server during this transition period, it won't be synced to the new server. If necessary, I will re-sync the data from the old server at the end of the transition period.

When is this happening?

It's live now.

If there are any issues during this period, please come to the Discord to let me know. Thanks!

 07/21/20 - 08:42 AM
Domain Timeouts

The OS SSD is currently full and causing requests to the main domain to timeout. Files are being moved right now and the problem should be resolved in about 30 minutes.

The process is almost complete, but the main page should already be reachable. Thanks.

 07/13/20 - 05:56 PM
Back from Server Outage

All hard drives are back online. New 10TB drive added to the array, for a total of 116 TB now. Items are being downloaded again and we will catch up from what was missed over the last few weeks. Thanks for your patience!

 07/07/20 - 02:24 PM
Discord Server!

You can access our Discord Server if you want to see new releases that are being added to the server in real time, for up to date news, or even to troubleshoot issues you have with the service.

Click this link to access the Discord:

 05/06/19 - 11:06 PM
Server Software Upgrade

Click here to access the website.

We are testing out a newer version of Emby to manage the media library, so you may experience some issues, slowness or downtime during this period. We hope that this update will ensure stable video playback for more devices, while also bringing some performance improvements and other functional improvements.

In the next few days, the library will be fully repopulated and we will work on improving any areas of the updated software to ensure we preserve at least as much functionality as our old modified build. This also means we will need to re-implement changes that were made over the course of the last year. We ask for your patience during the time, and we appreciate your understanding.

The last important thing to note is that all user data has been wiped. For the time being, we are unable to import any old user data. This means any watched data, likes, favorites, watchlist items etc. have been reset. All accounts have also been reset, so if you are logging in for the first time your password is blank, you can change it again after logging in.

We will continue redirecting the main home page to this news page for the time being so that other users are aware of the changes. In the meantime, you can access the website by clicking here.

 05/04/17 - 12:40 AM
Server Outage

There was a problem with the main SSD that was running the operating system for the 24kevin server. We have now replaced the drive and hope that downtime in the coming weeks will remain very minimal. Thanks for your patience and continued support.

 03/28/17 - 02:49 AM

With the registration expiring in mid-April, we've decided to go with a new domain name in an effort to rebrand the website. We hope you like the new name! There will be a poll up in the coming days to see if people prefer the new domain or the old domain. We will of course renew if the popular vote is in favor of it.

 03/26/17 - 04:43 AM
Removing Another HDD

We are in the process of removing another hard drive by first copying all of it's data to the storage pool. This process may take up to two days, and may have an affect on performance when browsing the website or during video playback. Thanks for your patience.

 03/22/17 - 12:34 PM
Server Maintenance

The server will be down for maintenance today. We are assessing hard drive issues currently, and are unsure of how long the entire process will take. We expect the server to be back online tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

 03/18/17 - 10:32 PM
SSL Support

As of today, we are now forcing SSL on all connections to the website. This will result in a more secure experience when loading and browsing the website, and should result in improved performance.

 03/17/17 - 01:07 AM
Several Changes and Updates

We've been hard at work to bring you several new improvements. The first change you will probably notice is the header bar navigation changes. We updated the colors to be more flat, and adjusted the cards for the items on the Resume and Upcoming pages accordingly.

We also updated the video player, the interface is more cohesive and all of the functionality is now in one place at the bottom of the screen. We also fixed the outstanding issue causing Video Playback Error on certain files. You should now be able to pause and resume any videos without encountering this error!

The requests page has been updated. It now includes Music requests and the ability to search for Movies by Actor.

Last but not least, we've added a Donation page. This page can be used for users to donate to kflixx for future hardware upgrades. We would like to sincerely thank anyone who donates for their contribution to kflixx. Without you...this would still be possible, but you make us happy!

 03/16/17 - 03:31 AM
HDD Removal

Today we are removing two hard drives that are in a low health state. Removing these drives will result in a lower total storage capacity, but should hopefully improve performance in terms of disk reading and writing.

 03/11/17 - 12:53 AM
Some New Improvements

We have significantly improved performance in the library sections for Movies and Series by limiting the amount of items that are loaded based on your device, and using infinite scrolling to load additional items. We also added a quick search field at the top of both libraries to allow users to filter results on the fly based on any search string.

The item detail pages have also been updated to include additional media flags to display key information about the item. Finally, we've also updated the home page to pull "New" items for Movies and Series from a pool of new 25 items. This will provide a more dynamic home page instead of the same titles always appearing until new ones are added.

 03/05/17 - 11:05 AM
Emby Server Upgrade

Today we will be upgrading the software that is used to manage the kflixx library. We are currently running a version that is more than a year old due to performance issues with the newer versions.

The performance on the newest releases of the Emby Server software is reportedly better, so we decided it will be worth trying because the media player improvements are very nice (as well as some other improvements).

The main downside will be that all users will lose their watched/favorites/played statuses as your accounts will be reset. If the performance issues are still present with the new server version we will roll back to the old one and preserve all user data.

This upgrade will be carried out over the course of the weekend, although we plan for the majority of it to happen today into tonight. There may be extended periods where you will be unable to reach and when you do, there may be a large number of items missing from the various libraries as we re-scan everything.

It is worth noting that once the upgrade is complete, there may initially be some functionality that is missing from the new server that was present on the old one. We will try to restore all functionality that was added to the old server and is no longer available.

 02/04/17 - 04:39 PM
UI Updates and Small Fixes

We updated the home page to show the newest movies/episodes that were most recently released, and separately show the latest movies/episodes that have been added to kflixx.

In addition, we've also updated the Play button on the item detail page to conform with the rest of the UI elements. Finally, we fixed an issue that was preventing users from using the seekbar in the media player to skip to a specific time.

 01/29/17 - 02:43 AM
Server Maintenance Delayed

The server was delayed until today. The server will be offline after 11 PM for about an hour. Thanks for your patience.

 01/09/17 - 05:27 PM
Server Maintenance

The server will be down for maintenance for about an hour sometime after 3 AM tonight. After the upgrade, we hope to provide improved stability and 99% uptime. Thanks for your patience.

 01/07/17 - 12:57 AM
Power Supply Failure

The server's power supply appears to be failing, and is likely the cause of the server downtime as of late. A new power supply is on order, the server will undergo maintenance to replace it early next week. In the meantime we will keep an eye on our CPU temps in order to rule out any other issues. Sorry for the downtime.

 01/05/17 - 08:22 AM
Storage Upgrade Complete

The storage upgrade is now complete. We have added 15 TB to the server, and removed the 3 TB faulty HDD. We were able to recover all of the data from the 3 TB drive before it died completely, so anything that was previously lost when this HDD went offline should be restored before the end of the day. We now have over 10 TB of free space.

 12/30/16 - 04:33 AM
Maintenance for Storage Capacity Increase

At 2:30 PM we will be undergoing server maintenance to add 15 TB to the drive pool. The server should be back online within 30 minutes. Thanks for your patience.

 12/28/16 - 02:21 PM
Merry Christmas

As a Christmas present, we have ordered additional storage and will be increasing our capacity from 75 TB to 90 TB. This upgrade may take place before the new year. We will keep you posted about when the server will be down for that maintenance period.

We've also removed the faulty HDD, which restores our ability to add content to kflixx. We will be adding all the episodes of TV we missed during this period, as well as continue adding the backlog of movies we have.

 12/25/16 - 01:11 PM
Offline Items

We have not been able to replace the failed HDD yet, and as a result there may be several items in the library that are now offline. We are trying to rectify this situation as soon as possible, but please expect some server downtime later today and possibly over the next few days.

No new data can be written to the drive pool until the HDD problem has been resolved and the pool is not in fault taulerant mode. For this reason, you will not see any new media on kflixx until the HDD has been replaced. Thanks for understanding.

 12/24/16 - 04:43 PM
HDD Failure

We've determined the source of the server outages - a failing hard drive. Maintenance scheduled for sometime this weekend, and we hope to be able to recover all of the content from the drive. If not we will start rebuilding. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

 12/23/16 - 08:21 AM
Server Outages Again

As you've probably noticed by now, we've been experiencing periodic server downtime for the last two days. At this time, we are unsure of the exact cause of the server's instability, except that the source is hardware related. This might be a power supply issue, but either way we hope to have it figured out and resolved as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

 12/21/16 - 06:20 PM
Server Outage

Since yesterday, the server had extended periods for which it was offline. These outages were unintended and mark the longest unplanned outage duration for kflixx since its inception. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

 12/15/16 - 03:03 PM
Server Maintenance Delayed

Server maintenance has been delayed until 10:30 AM and should be complete by 11 AM so expect a short downtime this morning. Thanks for understanding.

 12/11/16 - 08:58 AM
Upcoming Items Fix

Today we resolved a bug that was preventing Upcoming items from being shown if all 40 upcoming items were from the same day.

 12/10/16 - 04:13 PM
Server Maintenance

The server will be offline for maintenance starting Sunday December 11th at 2:00 AM and should be back online within the hour. We are currently nearing our storage capacity on the server at 97% full with 68 TB of media out of a total of 70 TB. We will be increasing the total capacity to 75 TB and we'll also be using this downtime to do some performance testing.

 12/06/16 - 06:03 PM
New Router

Last night the router that has been serving kflixx was upgraded to one that supports a higher volume of bandwidth. You should notice slightly improved speeds with the browsing experience, and should be able to direct stream more items. Enjoy!

 11/05/16 - 11:02 AM
Menu Animation Issue Resolved

Some of you may have noticed issues with popup menus for playback or more options that was causing the menu to stay open and would be unable to be closed. This probably only affected users running the latest version of Chrome.

We have updated the script in question to handle the updates in the latest version of Chrome, so you should no longer experience this issue. As always if you are still having problems with it, please try a hard refresh by using CTRL+F5.

 10/29/16 - 02:08 PM
Connection Upgrade!

As of November 1 our bandwidth capacity will be doubled from 10mbps to 20mbps. This means we'll be able to handle more simultaneous users and deliver more content through direct play/direct stream. This should result in a better experience for everyone, enjoy!

 10/10/16 - 11:33 PM
Replacement HDD

One of our lower capacity older hard drives is nearing the end of its life. We are swapping it out with a newer 3tb drive that was graciously donated to us. Please excuse any missing metadata or artwork during this time period as the files are copied.

 10/06/16 - 10:26 PM
Bandwidth Media Flags

You will now see bandwidth media flags on the item detail page for Movies and Episodes. Right now, based on the bitrate of the video file, we are showing a 5.0+ or 10.0+ mbps icon. If you see these icons, your download speed will need to be at least that fast for smooth video playback.

If your download speed is slower, simply use the Settings gear button to adjust the quality of the video stream after starting playback.

 09/21/16 - 07:40 PM
New Feature: Resume Podcasts

Today we added a new feature that allows you to resume podcast episodes from the last position you were at. Whenever you stop a podcast episode, the resume time will be tracked by the server like it does for movies and series episodes. The next time you go to play that item, the Play Menu will give you the option to Resume the item.

 09/21/16 - 05:07 PM
Unattended Server

The server will be unattended from Friday September 16 until Monday September 19. If there are any problems or the server goes offline, the issue will remain until then. Thanks for understanding.

 09/15/16 - 02:47 PM
Games Item Detail Page Update

The item detail page for Games has been updated. We've hidden the media info section and made it easier to scroll and read the entire game description.

 09/14/16 - 01:41 PM
Direct Play/Stream Icon and Album View Audio Track Filter

We added a new icon to the item detail page to indicate if the video can be direct played/streamed. Direct playing/streaming will yield better quality video at the cost of higher bandwidth consumption. For users with slower connections, it is advisable to adjust the quality settings in order to stream at a lower bandwidth.

We've also added the ability to filter audio track results at the Album and Podcast level based on an input string. Now you can easily find a track or podcast episode based on its name instead of scrolling through the list trying to find it.

 09/13/16 - 11:22 AM
Movie Quiz!

Check out the new Movie Quiz game by clicking Quiz in the navigation bar on the home page. It's still new and we're working on improvements, but it is usable for all right now! The scores are all saved on the server, but they may get reset if we change the scoring algorithm.

Additionally, we have made some fixes to the web player, specifically related to the functionality of pausing/resuming video items. We have had many reports of non-direct-playable items resuming to the incorrect position after being paused for an extended period of time. This should hopefully be resolved now!

 09/01/16 - 04:35 AM
Music Improvements

The music landing section has been updated to include Suggestions, Albums, Songs and Genres. We've also improved loading times in the music sections so browsing should be more smooth.

 08/30/16 - 02:24 AM
Web UI Browsing Improvements

We just unrolled some new changes that improve the general browsing experience in the Web UI. Navigating between different pages will be slightly smoother, but the big difference you'll notice is that there is considerably improved performance when scrolling through large lists of items (music, podcasts).

We also updated the detail pages for Series and Music Artist content types to include the number of Seasons/Episodes and Albums/Tracks respectively.

 08/24/16 - 02:18 AM
Secondary DNS

We've added a backup DNS for our domain in order to redirect users to this News page when the server is down for maintenance or unexpectedly. Hopefully you won't have to see it very often!

 08/20/16 - 04:42 AM
Server Outages

You've probably noticed that we've been experiencing periodic downtime and slowness the past few days. We are still looking for the right solution for the old router's replacement. Thanks for your patience.

 08/20/16 - 03:04 AM
Server Back Online

We had some downtime due to a router malfunction. The router has now been replaced and we are back online. Thanks for understanding.

 08/17/16 - 06:36 PM
Unattended Server

The server will be unattended from today until Monday August 15. If there are any problems or the server goes offline, the issue will remain until then. Thanks for understanding.

 08/12/16 - 09:42 AM
Web UI Updates

We're always hard at work on new features and are constantly making changes to the website. Over the last month we've added a new Random feature that allows users to find random content based on desired filters. The random feature also allows users to keep the random item in a separate list that you can use as a source list for the random item generator by adding multiple random items to it. You can add the same item multiple times in order to 'weight' it if you wish.

We have also updated the Watchlist feature so that we could bring back the Likes feature. You'll notice the Dislikes feature has been replaced with the Watchlist. Any existing Watchlist items will now appear as Liked items. You can find a list of your Liked items under the Favorites tab, and from here you can easily switch them back to Watchlist items by hovering over each one and marking it for the Watchlist like so:

The home page has seen some updating as well; the Resume and Next Up sections have beem moved to the Resume tab in the navigation bar. The home screen now features latest items from all major content type libraries: Movies, TV, Music, Videos, Podcasts, Games and Comics.

Introducing the first custom view types which are available at the Season level. Users can now decide if they would like the episode listing to be displayed in a List or Tiles view type by using the icon as pictured:

A smarter UI has also been implemented: the tab you last visited in the Movies and TV sections will now be remembered when you visit the website again (from the same device).

 08/04/16 - 04:46 PM
New Playback Feature

Enjoy the "Play random unwatched episode" feature that can be found at the series level of any TV Show. Just browse to your favorite series, hit the Play button, and select "Play random unwatched episode" to build a randomly ordered playlist of episodes from the selected series that you haven't watched yet.

 07/08/16 - 04:11 PM
New Feature: Watchlist

We have replaced the Like button with a Watch Later button that will add a show or movie to your Watchlist. You can open your Watchlist by navigating to it in the top nav bar from the home page. Use this to keep track of all the movies and series you want to watch but never have time to!

 07/04/16 - 03:39 AM
Web UI Update

If you haven't already noticed, we've been working on improving various aspects of the UI lately - mainly loading items that were previously opened in a separate browser tab right into the main kflixx UI. Navigating to News, Requests, Books and Comics will now load the content right in the page! Enjoy the changes as we continue to improve your experience.

 06/30/16 - 01:44 AM
Server Hardware Upgrade

The server will be offline until 5:00 PM EST at the earliest due to a hardware upgrade. We are adding a new RAID controller along with 3x2TB and 1x1.5TB new hard drives. Thanks for your patience.

 06/13/16 - 04:30 PM
Rebuilding TV Library

An unexpected issue caused the hard drive pool to go offline for a short period of time. During which, the server decided to scan and remove a lot of data from it's database thinking that the content was altered/removed. The library is re-scanning and should be fully re-populated by the end of the day. This problem could have been caused by a faulty hard drive, so we will be monitoring the issue closely in the near future so we can take the appropriate action if it occurs again. Thanks for understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.

 06/09/16 - 03:54 AM
Updated Mobile Layout

We've updated the layout for mobile devices to make the browsing experience better. It should be much easier to navigate and view items now, and we will continue to improve the UI at various resolutions to ensure that every size is functional and visually appealing.

 06/08/16 - 04:27 PM
Updated Web Client

The home screen has been modified for all users to now show the following:

The item details page has seen some work as well. When browsing a series or movie, you will see the item logo in the center of the header, and the clear art will slide into screen in the bottom right. When browsing a movie, the disc art will slide out of the poster and spin, and the director and writer will be listed.

 06/07/16 - 11:14 PM
Updated Web Player

The web player has been updated in the following ways:

 05/24/16 - 07:13 PM
Updated Web Client

We have added a Next Up section to the series view. If you are browsing a series that you are currently watching, the next episode will be highlighted at the top of the page below the item details.

 05/18/16 - 04:44 AM
Server Downtime

We're almost done the complete server rollback. The only significant thing that is missing now is the Music section which will be added in due time. Today the server will be offline for a short period of time to test a new update and features. The new server update will not go live until we decide that it is stable. Thanks for your patience.

 05/06/16 - 12:46 PM
Server Rollback

We are attempting to rollback the server to a place where it was more stable, with less issues accessing and playing media. We are backing up the current installation and user settings so that we can hopefully migrate the existing user data to the new installation. We will keep you posted about the progress and any relevant information once it is complete. Until then the server will be inaccessible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

 05/01/16 - 02:12 AM
Web Client Instability

We have noticed that the web client performance has been down after the recent server updates. We will attempt a server rollback later tonight in an attempt to resolve the slowness when loading pages and media. This will mean that we will be running an older server version, and as a result we may lose some functionality. We'll keep you posted on when and if this happens, and the final outcome either way.

 04/30/16 - 05:51 PM
Web Player Issues

We are experiencing technical difficulties with our web player. Please stand by while we troubleshoot the issues, we hope to have them resolved shortly. Thanks for your patience.

 04/27/16 - 05:24 AM
Requests Fixed

We have fixed the issue preventing users from requesting movies. The feature is now back to working as intended. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this caused anyone while it was not working.

 04/26/16 - 07:01 PM
User Registration

Today we are introducing a registration feature for new users. If you have a friend or family member that would like to use the service, they can register and use your account as a referral which will provide benefits for you down the line. There is now a button on the main login screen of to access the Register page.

Once a registration is submitted it will take some time before it is approved. Each application is reviewed before the account will be granted access to the server. An e-mail will be sent to the account holder once it has been activated.

 04/21/16 - 12:55 AM
Server Update

Yep, another server update. We're adding a plugin to improve the performance for syncing data to Kodi when starting your Kodi client to get new data from the server. This should reduce the amount of time it takes new items to populate in the Kodi library that were added since you last used the Kodi app.

This was initially expected to take a short period of time, but is taking longer than anticipated. Please check back soon and hopefully the server will be online. Thanks for your patience.

 04/20/16 - 01:46 AM
Server Update

The server will be undergoing an update and may become unavailable for periods during the next hour or so. Thanks for your patience.

 04/19/16 - 11:02 AM

We have a new domain name! From now on, you'll be able to access the server from In addition, we are redirecting any requests coming through the old URLs to, but eventually we'll just be dropping those URLs forever, so please bookmark the new one!

Items on the server are still being refreshed from the update yesterday. More data will continue to be populated tonight into tomorrow, and hopefully everything will be done by end of day tomorrow.

 04/18/16 - 09:30 PM
Server Update

A new server update adds the auto-play feature for TV shows. The next episode will automatically auto-play after the current episode is complete. You can toggle this setting in the Playback Settings section of your user profile.

Some metadata is still being refreshed after the server update. During this time you may notice some missing data for some media items, please be patient while the remaining data is refreshed. Thanks for your understanding.

 04/17/16 - 07:15 PM
Scheduled Maintenance

The server will be undergoing an update and may become unavailable for periods during the next couple of hours. Database and playback improvements are in store once the updated version is online. Thanks for your patience.

 04/17/16 - 05:39 AM
New Feature: Requests!

A request feature has been added and can be accessed from the top navigation bar. It will open a new page with the requests interface. From there you can login with your kflixx username and submit requests for media you would like to see.

 04/15/16 - 11:56 PM
General Browsing Improvements

We've made some general improvements for the experience in the web browser. Users should no longer receive undesirable popup notifications when starting media playback, or when browsing a new section.

Additionally, the default tab for each library section has been changed to now show the full library content by default. Users can still navigate to the Suggestions tab by clicking it in the navigation bar.

 04/15/16 - 11:49 PM